LED Clipon Frame

Award winning team of professional artisan, customizing in indoor & outdoor design. We have vast experience of both small and large scale projects.

Easy to Change Creative - Internal Branding

Elegant design

Clipon frame is the the best material for internal branding.

The colours are rich, and won’t fade for decades.It is made by Powder Coated Aluminum Base in either square or rectangle shape with advanced LED lighting of high brightness. It can be made lit or not lit both. 


Indoor & outdoor

  • Elegant look
  • Screwable standoffs
  • Attention grabbing center lighting effect
  • Light in weight


  • Maximum Size  –  6feet * 4 feet
  • Beed Size – 0.75 Inch to 1.5 Inch
  • LED Strip – 1.1 Volt
  • Thickness – 10mm
  • Front Sheet – 1 mm Poly carbonate sheet

Made to Order

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible work.

We don’t cut it till you order it

Every order is made from fresh. You pick the textual style. You pick the size. You pick the shading and sheen. At that point we cut it and complete it. Only for you.

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