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Channel letters are a kind of electrical signage. The basic contrast between channel letters and other signage types is that channel letters are dimensional.

 Each letter is exclusively framed, and has its own particular separate fenced in area. Channel letters get their name from the inward “channel” contained by each letter. The inner channel is additionally where the letter enlightenment is housed. The side of a shaped channel letter is known as the “arrival”, and the arrival frames the letter walled in area (channel.)

The letter return can be painted a custom colour per the client’s wishes. This can be either a logo shading or an appealing difference to the face shading. The substance of a channel letter is ordinarily built of acrylic. Acrylic is a translucent material that comes in a wide range of shading choices, and grants extraordinary adaptability in the completed letter appearance.

Channel letters come in 4 basic configurations:

  • Front Lit
  • Reverse Lit
  • Front/Back Lit
  • Open Face

There are a few approaches to hang channel letter signage: Stud and Combination mounts require openings be penetrated in the surface, and Plain, Pad, and Double Face Tape can be followed straight onto the surface. Stud, Plain, and Pad mounts work best with even surfaces, and Combination mounts function admirably with uneven surfaces.

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ChartViewing DistanceMinimum Required Letter Height
1100 ft4 Inch
2200 ft10 Inch
3350 ft20 Inch
4500 ft32 Inch
5750 ft40 Inch
61000 ft50 Inch
71250 ft70 Inch

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